Greenspeed recumbent trike

March 2011, with the help of the BT benevolent fund I finally ordered A Greenspeed recumbent trike From Australia, Please see the link to their web site. The reason for such a change from solo Cycling to a Tandem is to reseeding eye sight , I am registered as blind as I have lost over 80% of my eye sight mostly from the centre of my eyes. I am still managing to ride solo with my Club the west Middlesex CTC see links. However it’s getting near the end and I’m getting ready for the time it will be too dangerous for the solo bike witch I will miss greatly as losing the independence just to go and get lost for a few hours on my own, or go touring with a tent around the UK. The Tandem will give me the tool to keep my cycling passion alive and my social life ticking over. My good Friend Adrian is the main Pilot / captain However it’s been modified by Greenspeed to take a large range of riding sizes for whoever wishes to take me out. I could not have achieved obtaining this tandem without BT and the charities BT contacted on my behalf. And I had one member of BT staff donate towards it thank you. And a big thanks you to the guys and girls at Greenspeed. This is a web site of its birth and journeys, of what I call my Thunderbird 2, in photos.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

15th Jan My wife gets upset if I stay in !!!

15th Jan, another Cold start but as yesterday the sun was out, but it was a little damp.
So if you where not pedalling the cold would creep in to you.
Nice ride went straight up into London, for breakfast near the London eye then down and over tower bridge the shard tower is looking more and more like a blew megaphone! Or if it had a point at the top a large rocket, or it could be a very large ice-cream cone complemented by the wok up on the river.
Both quite mamzing buildings really But the shard looks  yet another megalith to Growth and wealth, I wonder if one day growth stops and they will say its all grown up now, so we can all take part in the wealth instead of suffering cuts to create something most of us never really take part in? However no Videos or photos as it was a normal London run with all the normal stops for Tea and cake. The Greenspeed went rather well wheel not working fine, stayed free.
Stirring is running well after the strip down and greasing., Yester day found the bottom S&S coupling had come undone! Must ICQ more often. All in all another great day with no problems, mind you Adrian the Capitan was not as sharp with the gearing to day as Yesterday! 7 out of 10 to day I would say on over all preferment’s, could do better, however it was made up by buying the coffees.
Looks like we are out next week as well, he may well have a pass to come out to play again from his wife, my wife gets upset if I stay in !!! strange that ?


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